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As stated on our homepage, we purchase both Allied and Axis military memorabilia.

We buy helmets, rifles, medals, daggers, bayonets, insignia, etc. Selling military memorabilia on this site is fast, easy, and safe.

Firstly, contact us with some clear photographs and a description so that we can get a clear idea of what you’ve got. If you decide to sell, payment will be sent directly to you once we receive your items and perform a hands-on inspection.

Please note that items must match the condition of the pictures that were originally sent. Any items that are considered as reproductions or replicas will be returned.

Let's join the fight in preserving military memorabilia!

Many of the items we come across have not been stored well.

War souvenirs have been found in damp cellars, lofts, run-down storage sheds, and filthy garages. Helmets, knives, medals, do not do well in these conditions.

Without saving them, they will eventually become too damaged to appreciate.

There are only so many historical artifacts out there, let's respect the ones that remain. The veterans that brought these souvenirs or trophies back would not want to see them being stored in such an irresponsible manner.

Sadly, this is how we find most items, rusted, ragged, water damaged, and stained. If you have something to sell, please consider us so we can save these items for future generations.

If you're not looking to sell, please make sure your militaria is stored in a dry, safe environment.

Preservation is paramount.

Free Valuations!

Quick and honest free appraisals

If you’re curious to know just how much your item is worth and do not want to sell, we are happy to offer free appraisals.

The value of your memorabilia could range from a few pounds to thousands of pounds. Send us your information for an appraisal with no commitment or pressure to sell. Emails will be responded to quickly and professionally.

Please make sure when emailing, that you use clear photographs of the item. A brief history of where it came from is always welcome, but usually not necessary.

Shipping and Payment Information

If you decide to sell with us after your free appraisal, the items must be received before payment can be made. Tracking, insurance & signature confirmation are required as it protects both parties.

Payment can be made through; PayPal (recommended), bank transfer, cheque, or cash on collection.

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Will we beat our competition on price?

YES! Be confident that you will receive a fair price and the peace of mind that your items will be preserved for future generations.

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