Preserving your military memorabilia for future generations!


We understand not everyone who visits our website is looking to sell, we have been collecting now for over 10 years and one thing we often get asked is what is the best way to look after and preserve my military memorabilia.

Every item is different, but it all depends how it has been stored in the first place. Most items we find and purchase haven’t been stored correctly, usually found in outbuildings, attics and areas with high humidity. Antiques do not do well in these conditions, rust is usually present and leather has accumulated mould. Active rust on items is dangerous, it will cause pitting and slowly eat away the surface. Mould will cause staining. Both these issues only appear when poor humidity is present.

There is various products on the market that help with preservation, one that is very popular amongst collectors and experts is Renaissance Wax. Using a lint cloth, apply a thin layer sparingly on an item and buff gently. This will protect and seal it for years to come. Please make sure when using this that all moisture and dirt has been removed before applying. If you are using it on edged weapons, it is best to only apply it to the blade.
Helmets with leather liners are always best left untouched, do not oil leather liners or apply Renaissance Wax. The best course of action is to store it in a clean, dry environment with good humidity and leave it alone. Another problem we see all too often is flags, uniforms and caps with small holes in them. The collector term for this is 'Moth eaten'. Adult moths don't eat clothes. However, an adult moth lays eggs that then hatch into moth larvae. Moth larvae consume natural fibres and animal products like fur, silk, wool, and feathers. Moth larvae can, and will, chew holes in your flags, uniforms and caps as they derive key nutrients from the fibers. Below, is a product on the market that can protect your items and stop this from happening.
Any collector knows that it is best to leave an item untouched, so again please just make sure the items you have are always stored in a clean, dry environment with good humidity. This will preserve your memorabilia for many years to come, we are only custodians to these items. Let’s protect these items for future generations.

Preservation is paramount.