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German Dagger
Hard to find mint condition firemans with sawback!

Norwegian Reissued Helmets

After the war, many countries rounded up all of the German equipment (helmets included) and modified them to their own militaries. Norway was one of them! In the re-issue process, Norway would paint over the helmets, replace the decals and replace the liners, usually dying them red. This one is no different. The shell is constructed out of a stamped piece of steel sheet metal that has been painted over in a green paint. The shell shows the M40 features with a rolled over ridge and embossed air vents. The shell is dent-free and absolutely war-time made. There are also three split rivets. The interior has a steel liner with two square rings for the chin strap and a brown leather liner that is unmarked. The string is intact as is the chin strap. The helmet is serial marked and is maker marked and sized "NS64". The British MKII helemt has also been reused post war for military purposes. These are actually rarer than the Norwegian German reissued helmets and are quite rare to see. A great piece of history for both Germany, Great Britain and Norway.

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