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German Heer Single Decal M40 Helmet

M35 army (Heer) single decal factory reissued steel helmet

This M35 was recently discovered in Elgin, Scotland. It's straight out the woodwork and exactly what you want to see in terms of originality.

The helmet started the war as an apple green helmet, probably started life as a double decal which was painted over and the Heer decal painted around, often referred to as a ‘factory reissued helmet’. The liner shows matching wear with the rest of the helmet and is original installed, dated 1937 on the liner band. The split pins holding the liner tightly snug are made from solid brass, common pratice for early wartime helmets. Also note the squared chinstrap bales often seen with M35's. The draw string remains present although damaged. The chin strap is also complete and nicely marked G. Schiele, Loburg 1936, one of the largest chinstrap manufacturers. This is an ET64, indicating manufacturing by Eisenhüttenwerke Thale. The helmet is named in the rear 'W H', it's also named on the liner but it's not quite readable but this is always a nice extra. A great been there helmet that likely saw action!

Helmets like these in untouched condition are slowly becoming harder to find.

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