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A rare Norwegian re-issued M42 helmet

This interesting EF66 M42 helmet is a rare piece. An identical helmet is published in Ludwig Baers book The History of the German Steel Helmet. It is on page 369 of the 1985 edition of his English language 1st edition, and also in one or two of his German language helmet books. Herr Baer speculated it might be one of the helmets used immediately post-war by Norwegian forces that formed out of the wartime Norwegian Resistance units.

It bears no resemblance to the khaki/green colours used on the officially re-used helmets post-war. It is very much a wartime configured helmet, with a flat green overpaint and a hand rendered Norwegian flag. Moreover, it comes from that period in the immediate aftermath of the war, when Norway was regaining control of its sovereignty and control.

A piece of history for sure.

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